Can One Experience Cavities With Ceramic Veneers?

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cavities and veneers

Our staff at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX provides ceramic veneers to enhance their patients’ teeth in Kingwood, TX. Veneers are thin shells that adhere to the outward-facing region of the teeth. Our team can utilize these veneers to make simple improvements to construct an aesthetically pleasing, authentic-looking smile. They are uniquely fabricated for each individual patient to replicate the color and texture of their natural teeth and to alter the length, color, shape, or size of your teeth. During your initial consultation, we will examine your soft tissues and teeth extensively to identify if you’re a good fit for veneers.

Ways tooth decay can develop

Buildup that lingers on the teeth can gather both at the top of and under the gumline, which is more challenging to eliminate. If plaque is left, it removes healthy material in your teeth's enamel. The erosion will generate tiny craters or openings, which is the first indication that you are developing tooth decay.

As the enamel wears away, bacteria and acids can make it to the lower portion of your tooth referred to as the dentin, which is less resistant to damage than your enamel. The dentin has close connection to the nerve tissue of a tooth, which can result it toothache. Oftentimes a patient feels that there’s something wrong, when this happens.

Can you receive tooth decay when you have cosmetic veneers?

Improperly placed veneers can leave teeth susceptible to degeneration, particularly because a certain amount of your enamel is shaved off to make room for the procedure to install them. Many patients could take drugs that stimulate dry mouth, or they sometimes currently suffer from a jeopardized immune response, which increases their likelihood of cavities or infection in the mouth. Generally, several people who get cavities with veneers might not have been good candidates to start with. Patients with progressive periodontal disease or cavities are more liable to develop decay upon getting veneers.

Making your veneers last

The simplest way for anyone to avoid tooth decay covered by a veneer is by utilizing an effective dental cleansing routine. Requesting regular oral examinations and frequent dental cleanings help make sure that your dental health remains at its best. Brushing your teeth with veneers the same way that you brush the remainder of your mouth is vital for your veneers and complete dental health.

What we can do about cavities?

At Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX in Kingwood, TX, our talented team applies fillings made in the color of your teeth to fill them. Tooth decay can be located at a dental exam. Tooth-colored fillings could, on top of that, repair cracked or damaged teeth. Since the fillings are developed from tooth-colored resin, they will smoothly match the patient’s natural tooth color. Tooth-colored fillings are realistic and allow you to keep up the appearance of your smile. With proper care, these fillings should last for a very long time.

Learn how to take care of teeth after getting ceramic veneers

Upon getting veneers to amplify the beauty of your smile in Kingwood, TX, it’s essential to take good care of your veneers. Cavities may occur with any patient, but they don’t have to damage the appearance of your smile. For clients with veneers, our team at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX recommend regular dental exams and cleanings. A personal oral cleaning routine protects your veneers and keeps your gums and teeth feeling their happiest.

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