Common Dental Issues Children Face Most

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Every child needs proper dental care to ensure their teeth will properly develop. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile of Kingwood, TX provide many pediatric dentistry services for kids of all ages. We recommend bringing your child to our office when one’s teeth first start forming so we can check how well their teeth are developing and provide necessary services to ensure the teeth form well.

Our skilled dentists use the latest in dental technology and techniques to resolve many of the common dental issues children experience. Here’s a look at some of the dental problems your child might have and how we can treat these needs.


Cavities are among the most common dental worries children experience, as plaque that builds on the teeth can damage the enamel and make it easier for teeth to decay or otherwise become lost. A child might struggle to care for the teeth on one’s own, so it is easier for cavities to form at that age.

Dental fillings are often necessary for treating cavities before they can become worse. During routine dental exams and cleanings, the dental team at Made Ya Smile will always check your child’s teeth for cavities and to see if they require fillings with composite materials to prevent further harm.

Overbites and underbites

Your child’s bite may not form well, as the jaws can become improperly aligned to where the teeth will not meet up with each other when the mouth is closed. An overbite can occur when the top teeth overlap, while an underbite happens when the bottom teeth extend past the top. These misalignment issues will require proper orthodontic care, and our experts at Made Ya Smile can provide a suitable treatment plan that will correct your child’s bite for an outstanding smile.

Improperly aligned teeth

Your child’s teeth may also become improperly aligned, whether it entails the spaced or gapped teeth or overcrowding in the mouth. Sometimes a tooth may be rotated or crooked, making it harder for the teeth to meet together when the mouth is closed. At Made Ya Smile, we also offer top-quality orthodontic services that provide outstanding results, including Invisalign® aligners or traditional braces.


Thumbsucking is a natural reflex that many children engage in to relax their anxieties. After time, it can negatively impact how the child’s teeth will develop, as the upper front teeth will not align with the lower front teeth, producing a gap in the mouth when closed. The problem can impact a child’s natural bite and could even make speech harder in some situations. You’ll want to try to help your child avoid thumbsucking as they age to avoid future dental problems. Be sure to also bring your child to the dentist to assess your child’s situation and plan for any future corrective measures to ensure health and happy smile.

Visit our dentists in Kingwood, TX for help with your child’s smile

Children experience all sorts of dental issues as they age, and that’s why our dentists at Made Ya Smile of Kingwood are skilled in pediatric dentistry to meet all of their oral health care needs. Our team approach can review how your child’s teeth are forming and provide a suitable plan for correcting how the teeth work and feel. We are always accepting new patients, so visit our website to plan an appointment with us. We have extended after-school hours on weekdays for your convenience.

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