Don't Wait to Get Your Tooth Decay Treated

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During your annual dental exam, your dentist will look for signs of trouble on your teeth and gums, such as signs of tooth decay. It's essential to follow up with your dentist to address decay and fill any cavities with tooth-colored composite resin fillings. This can help patients avoid costly restorative dentistry or tooth extraction in the future.

The team at Made Ya Smile Kingwood in Kingwood, TX treats people of all ages, providing exams, preventive measures, and treatment for mild tooth decay. Below, we'll look at why you shouldn't wait to get your dental issues addressed.

What is tooth decay?

Tooth decay refers to damage to the tooth's surface enamel. The most common cause of decay is bacterial buildup from eating sugar and skipping daily oral hygiene procedures such as flossing and brushing. By skipping these, patients allow sticky plaque to build up on teeth that become harder to remove and harbor bacteria.

It's hard to know when you have plaque build-up because it occurs in places we can't always see, and sometimes it doesn't give you any signs such as pain. Only a dentist can tell if you have tooth decay.

If tooth decay grows severe, you will eventually start to feel pain. That's likely because the bacteria have eaten through the enamel and reached the tooth's pulp. When this happens, you may have more than just a cavity and require a root canal or even tooth extraction. It can also lead to gum disease, which can affect your whole body.

How do dentists treat tooth decay?

Your daily oral hygiene routine is the primary defense against tooth decay. However, toothbrushes can't get to every space in your mouth. That's why scheduling twice-yearly cleaning and an annual dental exam is crucial.

Dental cleanings typically include fluoride treatments to fight the deterioration of the enamel. It's important to protect your enamel since it does not grow back.

When your decay leads to a cavity, a dentist will treat it with a filling, and Made Ya Smile Kingwood offers tooth-colored composite enamel fillings to keep your smile a consistent color. These composite resin fillings only require simple numbing, though light sedation is offered for those who may need it.

More severe damage may require a root canal or tooth extraction. In these cases, you will likely also need a crown or implant to fill in your smile, keep your teeth from shifting, and maintain the integrity of your jawbone.

Why you shouldn't postpone treatment for tooth decay

It's tempting to tell the dentist you'll call back later to schedule an appointment and put it off as long as possible. While no one enjoys getting a filling, it has become largely painless in the last decade as technology has improved.

Postponing treatment for tooth decay can also lead to toothaches, which can be extremely painful and distracting. You also run the risk of an infection which, in some cases, can be life-threatening.

It's worth it in nearly every way to get cavities treated with fillings as soon as possible to repair damaged teeth.

Treat tooth decay in Kingwood, TX

By detecting tooth decay early, you get the opportunity to have the least invasive and cheapest treatment to stop it from becoming worse. At Made Ya Smile Kingwood, our team is dedicated to helping you maintain your oral health and avoid discomfort.

Since tooth decay can begin without any symptoms, it's vital that you get an annual check-up with a dentist. To get started, schedule an appointment with our team at our office conveniently located at the corner of Loop 494 and Kingwood Dr. in Kingwood, TX.

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