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It’s never been easier to get the smile you’ve always wanted thanks to Lumineers. These state-of-the-art coverings are dental veneers that are thinner than the traditional ones, meaning you won't need to have any of the enamel from your teeth trimmed. Our team at Made Ya Smile of Kingwood, TX are highly skilled at applying Lumineers over any tooth for a seamless aesthetic appearance.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are ultra-thin dental veneers made with sturdy laminate material. The laminate compound is shaped and colored to blend with your natural teeth.

What makes Lumineers different is that they are about half as thick as a traditional dental veneer. A Lumineer is about 0.2 mm thick, meaning it can go over your tooth without a dentist having to remove the enamel from the front.

This benefit is encouraging, as the enamel on your teeth is about 2 to 3 mm thick. Trimming a tiny bit of enamel might not sound worrisome, but the effort could weaken your tooth. The problem is especially concerning in cases where the veneer needs to be removed. A Lumineer provides a simpler approach to restorative dentistry, plus it is easier to correct a Lumineer if placed improperly or otherwise worn.

How do you prepare a Lumineer?

Our experts at Made Ya Smile of Kingwood can apply a Lumineer with a simple application process. First, we will prepare a mold of your teeth to review how we can shape and design the Lumineers. We will then send the results to a lab that produces the Lumineers. All covers are shaped based on the size of your tooth, its length, and color.

Applying Lumineers

Our dentists will then apply your Lumineers over the necessary teeth with a minor amount of dental adhesive. The simple process preserves your natural teeth, as no drilling or trimming is necessary. Plus, there are no numbing shots or sedatives required when applying these covers over your teeth.

What can Lumineers cover?

Lumineers are a great solution to covering multiple imperfections with your teeth, including chips or cracks in your teeth or any discolored spots. You can also use a Lumineer to cover a gap or another opening between your teeth.

Lumineers can last for years

One of the best parts of Lumineers is that they can last on your teeth for about ten to twenty years on average, giving your teeth plenty of protection. But your Lumineers will last longer if you brush and floss each day and schedule regular dental visits. Be sure also to avoid hard-to-bite items like ice, hard candies, and other items that require extra force from your teeth. Your Lumineers could experience as much harm from these as your natural teeth.

Contact us today to see how Lumineers can do for your smile

You will love the results you’ll get from Lumineers for your smile. Visit us at Made Ya Smile of Kingwood to learn more about Lumineers and how they can work for you. You can schedule a cosmetic consultation with us online today.

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