Having A Wisdom Tooth Removal May Be The Only Way To Ease Oral Pain

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wisdom tooth extraction

Commonly provided for individuals in Kingwood, TX, wisdom tooth (or third molar) removal surgery can be done for a number of reasons. The third molars typically erupt from the gum tissues during the teen years. As soon as we have conducted an in-depth dental assessment at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX, our professional team will decide if you should have your wisdom teeth removed.

Many concerns might lead to the demand for third molar removal. A number of these problems comprise: impacted teeth, an abscess, periodontal disease, or third molars erupting at an odd angle. In many instances, a wisdom tooth that doesn’t have enough space to erupt will cause impaction. This might result in pain, inflammation, and other oral wellness effects, while increasing your risk of getting a bacterial abscess. In extreme cases, a lump can develop near unerupted wisdom teeth, causing trauma to the jawbone or nerve tissue.

When wisdom teeth erupt at the wrong angle, it may lead to them pushing on nearby teeth and moving your teeth away from their correct positions. This will hurt other teeth and jaw, as well as cause bite problems. Another factor is that our jawbone may not have the area for these back teeth. Whether or not it will stop forthcoming dental health issues, require prompt wisdom tooth removal, or when you just desire to reduce the pain you’re already experiencing, wisdom tooth extraction is a common surgery that our qualified staff regularly offers for Kingwood, TX patients.

Our professional team at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX is able to offer wisdom tooth removal treatment here in our facility. Based on your oral wellness, you might just have minor anesthesia for your treatment, while those who might have more than one wisdom tooth removed during the same appointment may have general anesthesia. The second you're numb, the gums near the removal location are separated. If any bone is hindering access to the root of the tooth, it's removed. In the case that the tooth is highly impacted, it may be broken into fragments so it’s more effective to take out. The opening is completely rid of infectious tissue. The second the extraction is done, the opening is stitched. Gauze is positioned to cover the removal site to help control bleeding and foster recovery.

Typically, patients might notice some bleeding at the removal area. This could be limited by carefully putting pressure on gauze. Healing following wisdom tooth removal might last anywhere from a handful of days to multiple weeks. Inflammation might also be reduced by holding an ice pack to the cheek. When day two of recovery begins, you may start to introduce warming relief options to feel more comfortable.

Throughout the first day following the surgery, it’s important to not dislodge the blood clots that should form. Blood clots generate in the locations where the teeth were taken out. Clotting is an integral aspect of the recovery stages, as they limit unnecessary bleeding, protect your wound from disease and uncovered bones, and let new tissue come in correctly. Avoid rinsing the mouth, cleaning by the removal area, drinking hot liquids, consuming meals that require any using the teeth, sucking on straws, and cigarettes for a minimum of 24 hours.

Visit us to learn more about your treatment options when tooth discomfort is causing issues with your dental wellness. Our dental care providers at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX can find out if you have to have your wisdom teeth removed. Our staff makes use of modern equipment and methods to discover the cause of your oral pain. Boost the look of your teeth and integrity of your dental health when you call for an appointment at our Kingwood, TX office.

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