Here Is How You Can Stop Tooth Decay From Spreading

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Tooth decay is a significant problem that can threaten your smile and eventually lead to tooth loss. It could also trigger gum disease when harmful bacteria from your teeth could also enter the gums, leading to gingivitis and eventually periodontitis. At Made Ya Smile of Kingwood, TX, we care about your oral health and have some recommendations for you to follow for stopping tooth decay in its track.

Brush and floss your teeth every day

Be sure you brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day to clear out any bacteria and plaque. Regular brushing and flossing can remove the plaque that produces acids that will contact your teeth and cause the enamel to break down, which can lead to cavities.

According to American Dental Association, that decay is often worse among older patients whose gums have receded. The roots of the teeth may become exposed to plaque, which can cause damage and tooth loss. Regular brushing and flossing can reduce the risk of your dental roots experiencing harm.

Keep your diet under control

Make sure you keep from consuming foods loaded with sugars and starches that produce bacteria and acids that can harm your teeth. Balanced meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables and lean meats are always a good idea. Don’t forget to consume more foods with calcium and vitamin D, because these vitamins and nutrients can help restore your enamel and other bones throughout the body.

Be sure to also drink plenty of water throughout your day. Your local tap water can also contain small amounts of fluoride to protect your teeth and prevent cavities.

Schedule regular dental cleanings at least twice a year

You can also prevent decay from spreading by undergoing a professional dental cleaning every six months. Our dental team at Made Ya Smile Kingwood provides the very best in dental care in Kingwood, TX, including our full dental cleaning that removes plaque, tartar, and surface stains from your teeth. You can also request a fluoride treatment for your teeth to provide a comfortable finish.

Gum treatments are also necessary

Sometimes the bacteria that trigger tooth decay can enter your gums and cause gum disease. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile can treat your gum disease concerns based on the intensity of your condition. Some of the treatments we provide include deep cleanings, root planing and scaling, and gum grafting. Antibiotic injections may also be necessary for the gums for cases where the bacteria might have spread to other parts of the body.

Contact us today for high quality dentists in Kingwood, TX

If you are suffering from tooth decay, the dental team at Made Ya Smile of Kingwood, TX is dedicated to getting you back on the road to good oral health. You’ll also be able to take measures at home to control tooth decay at home and visit us every few months for a thorough cleaning and gum review. You can schedule a visit to our office on Kingwood Drive in northern Houston today to learn more about our work for your smile.

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