How Frequently Should You Have Your Teeth Cleaned?

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Preserving your oral wellness is more than simply practicing an adequate at-home oral hygiene regimen. It is advised to additionally book once-yearly oral assessments and biannual dental cleanings at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX to lessen your chance of developing tooth decay and periodontitis. When you come for a dental cleaning at our Kingwood, TX facility, our dentist will get rid of buildup and food particles left in the mouth, which helps reduce your chance of getting oral health problems. Visiting the dentist's office for an exam and cleaning is one of the most effective methods to take care of your teeth. We encourage our patients to get their oral cleaning at least two times per year. For those with gum conditions or other dental health issues, additional regular dental cleanings might be recommended.

What to expect during an oral cleaning near me?

Throughout an oral cleaning at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX, our dental professional will create a treatment schedule for every patient. To do this, we will focus on your oral health and tend to any issues when you have your teeth cleaning. We offer routine dental treatments that help mitigate the need for more invasive and expensive care later on. Oral cleanings performed by our Kingwood, TX dental team are exhaustive and incorporate several things:

  1. Medical overview: Your dental provider will learn about your current wellness, any medicines or supplements you take, as well as any previous oral wellness issues or operations.

  2. Oral exam and dental x-rays: We normally conduct an oral examination one time a year (every other teeth cleaning). These examinations permit our team to assess your teeth, jaw, and bite. We carry out x-rays that provide information about what’s going on in places that we can’t see, such as any jaw problems, cracked fillings, or severe cavities. Additionally, we carry out an oral cancer screening so we can find the development of possible cancerous or precancerous tumors, masses, or lesions within the tissues in and around your mouth.

  3. Prophylaxis: When we perform a dental cleaning, we eradicate film and tartar, both of which enable bacterial cells to thrive and trigger acids in the mouth that could harm your gums and teeth. Our oral hygienist carefully removes these substances to further lessen your risk of gum conditions.

  4. Gum disease assessment: We explore for indicators of periodontal disease, and record gum measurements of the spaces in the middle of the gums and teeth. This allows us to detect any possible periodontal conditions and, if found, establish a solution quickly before it exacerbates and advances to later levels. Additionally, we employ these numbers to examine progression at every cleaning to see whether the health of your gums is getting better or declining.

Will my dental cleaning feel painful?

Your dental cleaning shouldn't be painful. However, if you have dental caries, gum inflammation, or other periodontal disease symptoms, there may be increased oral discomfort throughout a teeth cleaning. Tell the hygienist if you’re experiencing pain so we can administer a topical gel or numbing rinse to help you feel more comfortable when you have this preventive oral procedure.

Schedule consistent oral cleanings and evaluations to support or strengthen your oral health

Preserving your teeth and gums with consistent dental evaluations and biannual teeth cleanings are vital practices to keep your teeth and gums in the best possible condition. At Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX, we work diligently to help individuals improve their oral wellness in Kingwood, TX. To set up your teeth cleaning, call our helpful team today.

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