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In athletes of all ages, physical contusions are common. Dental researchers have documented that around 30 percent of tooth and gum injuries occur during athletic activities. About 80 percent of these occurrences lead to at least one or both front teeth being broken or missing, along with injury to softer parts of the mouth. In any case, players who equip themselves with a mouth guard reduce their probability of tooth loss, tooth chips, and soft tissue splits. Additionally, it protects against concussions and jaw fractures by dampening the power from an impact to the face.

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Athletic safety and maintaining your teeth

Regulated events with the greatest number of oral injuries include softball, baseball, football, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and hockey. Biking, skating, and skateboarding are also sports with elevated probability of causing dental problems. Regrettably, as researched by the ADA (American Dental Association), 84 percent of athletes under 18 don't put on a mouth guard while performing in a contact sport. It is usually not a required piece of protective equipment alongside shoulder guards, chin pads, helmets, etc. It is essential to have recommended safeguards to protect your skin, muscles, and bones, and putting on a mouth guard might protect against dental issues and cut back on the hazard of tooth loss while you are entering into a high-contact activity. Other recreational safety tips are:

  • Play in a complete set of mandatory protective apparel
  • Wear a helmet
  • Use a secure face barrier to protect against face-area damage, particularly when competing in hockey, lacrosse, or football
  • Put on a mouth guard, even if it is not required

Sports safety: different varieties of mouth guards

Contrary to dentist recommendations, a mouth guard is not universally offered as safety equipment as you are playing a high-contact physical activity. However, the most normal reasons for mouth trauma take place when players have not equipped mouth protection. Our team of experts at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX hopes to emphasize to Kingwood, TX athletes about using a mouth guard and shielding their dental health. There are three fundamental types of mouth guards:

  • Stock mouth guards are made to wear without molding but often don't fit well. They can be purchased at virtually all sporting goods stores.
  • Thermoplastic mouth guards are purchasable at most athletic stores and come in a pre-formed design to be customized by heating in hot water.
  • Individually made mouth guards require a visit to Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX. They give the greatest conformity and defense.

If your dental issue is urgent

In the situation that an adult tooth is broken off, the most advisable solution is to put it back in. But in the event that your athlete has a baby tooth dislocated, don't make an effort to reinsert it; instead, reach out to your dentist promptly. Even if a tooth is knocked out, it frequently can be saved by arriving at the dentist without delay for immediate dental care and performing this advice:

  • Pick up the tooth as quickly as possible
  • If covered in dirt, rinse with water
  • Hold the tooth by the upper portion, not the roots
  • Insert it back into the socket (only if an adult tooth)
  • Softly clamp between your teeth a cushioned object or towel to keep it in position
  • In the case when a removed tooth cannot be placed into the socket, contain it in a container of milk while seeking immediate dental support

Dental emergencies do take place – but wearing a mouth guard while doing high-impact sports or doing certain competitive athletic events incredibly reduces your probability of mouth-related issues. Even if our location is closed, ensure that you precisely adhere to the guidelines given on our office voice recording, which will let you know what to do next in the situation that you need crisis oral care. If you are searching for family dental care in Kingwood, TX, call Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX or book an appointment.

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