Is It Time For a Smile Makeover?

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A smile makeover can give you the great smile you’ve always wanted. Our makeover process includes a thoroughly comprehensive review of your smile and a treatment plan to address all of your dental concerns.

At Made Ya Smile of Kingwood, TX, a typical smile makeover may:

  • Teeth whitening

  • Inlays or onlays

  • Dental veneers

  • Fillings

  • Crowns or bridges to fill missing or broken spaces

Every plan we prepare is customized to fit each patient’s needs with the help of digital x-rays and three-dimensional scans of your mouth to see which procedures are needed the most.

But how do you know the best time for you to undergo a smile makeover? Here are a few signs that suggest you should plan a smile makeover.

Are you missing multiple teeth?

You may want to consider a smile makeover if you have multiple missing teeth or teeth that are dull, worn, or broken. Crowns and bridges can fill empty spaces and improve your look while restoring full oral function. Dental implants may also work in some situations, particularly if you have enough jaw bone structure to support an implant.

Do you have older dental appliances?

You can also undergo a smile makeover if you have older dental appliances that need to be replaced. Our dentists are skilled in a variety of restorative practices, including:

  • Replacing metallic fillings with tooth-colored ones

  • Applying realistic-looking crowns and bridges

  • Adding a dental implant to an area that can support it

Since dental technology is always improving better aesthetic and functionality, replacing older appliances with newer models can be more effective and look realistic.

Do you have a gap in your teeth?

A gap in between your teeth can look distracting, plus it might make your teeth more vulnerable to harm. Food and bacteria can get stuck in the gap making it harder to clean the teeth. We can help you here at Made Ya Smile by providing dental veneers that can cover a gap, plus we offer Invisalign alignment solutions to help fix gaps, overcrowding, and other alignment and aesthetic issues.

You feel uncomfortable with your smile

One of the more common reasons why so many people look for smile makeovers is they aren’t happy with how their smiles look. Someone might have discolored teeth, crooked teeth, or other imperfections. These issues cause people to hide their teeth and keep from smiling even when they want to.

Having an unappealing smile can be a burden on your confidence, but it doesn’t have to be a problem forever. You can request our services at Made Ya Smile to refresh your teeth and correct whatever problems you might have.

Contact our dentists in Kingwood, TX today for information about a smile makeover

Our dentists at Made Ya Smile of Kingwood can give you a glamorous smile that you will be proud to show off with our smile makeover. You’ll also reduce your risk of possible dental harm and improve functionality. Visit our website to schedule a free consultation where you can learn more about how we can help you with a smile makeover.

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