Know When To Seek Emergency Dental Care

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A dental emergency can be a scary situation for anyone. But the problem will be easy to manage when you hire a talented dentist like ours at Made Ya Smile of Kingwood, TX to help with your problem. Whether from an injury to the mouth, an abscessed tooth, or from broken dental appliances, our team approach at Made Ya Smile can resolve whatever emergencies you might experience.

You can contact our dentists at Made Ya Smile for emergency dental care if you notice any severe problems with your smile. Here are a few signs you need to seek emergency help.

One of your teeth has become loose or otherwise knocked out

A tooth that becomes loose could experience nerve damage and be at risk of falling out. A tooth that was knocked out could break apart and weaken if not replaced soon. Failing to treat either of these problems could result in the nearby teeth shifting towards the empty space, eventually causing alignment issues. Our dentists can help fix a loose tooth or assist you in replacing a knocked-out tooth, but our service will be more effective when you contact us for help sooner.

There’s a chip or crack in a tooth

A sudden chip or crack in your tooth can allow bacteria and debris to enter the area, putting you at higher risk of dental decay. These injuries can also lead to increased sensitivity and pain. A suitable bonding agent or another treatment can help restore your tooth and keep a crack or chip from being worse. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile of Kingwood, TX can check your situation and find a treatment that fits.

You have dental pains that won’t disappear

You might experience dental pains after eating something, but sometimes those pains might persist long after the initial problem. Dental pain that won’t disappear could be a sign of an infection or an impacted tooth. Our dentists can review your pain situation and identify the cause while finding a suitable treatment.

You are feeling warmth or an unusual sensation in your mouth

You could also feel something unusual inside your mouth, like a lump or sore on the gums. Some tissues may also feel worn or thin. These can be signs of an infection in your gums. Sometimes they might be signs of oral cancer, a condition that isn’t easy to find without a visit to a dentist. Our team can check your mouth and find why you are feeling something unusual in your mouth.

We can also recommend you to a provider who can treat oral cancer if we spot this concern. Oral cancer is easier to treat if found early.

You have experienced head trauma

You will also require dental care if you have experienced head trauma from an injury while playing sports or being in a car wreck. Be sure you resolve any urgent medical needs you have first, as we’ll be ready to help you with your dental concerns after you receive whatever care is necessary first.

Visit us today if you are experiencing any dental emergencies

You don’t have to be afraid of what will happen next if you are experiencing a dental emergency. You can visit our team at Made Ya Smile of Kingwood, TX if you have a sudden need for care. You can visit us online to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment with us today.

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