Lifespan of Dental Bridges: How Many Years Do Bridges Last?

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About 69% of adults who are 35 – 44 years old are missing at least one tooth because of various reasons, including an injury or bad oral health. This percentage equates to more than 178 million U.S. citizens missing a single tooth, via data from the ACP (American College of Prosthodontists). In the event that you’re among those missing at least one tooth, it’s critical that you reach out to us ASAP. A lost tooth may cause additional complications throughout the mouth, leading to tooth decay and raising the risk of additional tooth extractions. Don't wait; get in touch with our knowledgeable oral care professionals in Kingwood, TX! We also ask you to visit us for an appointment at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX.

About dental bridges

Getting a dental bridge restoration involves two visits. A dental impression will provide a guide for the best placement of your bridge. You may receive a stand-in bridge to monitor the fit and ensure that your final restoration will fit comfortably and look the way you want it to. As soon as your customized bridge is finished, our dentist will place it in the proper position.

How long could your bridge be good for?

With your brand new bridge, you’ll notice a nearly immediate improvement in both appearance and function. A follow-up visit may be necessary to fix the fit and guarantee an adequate positioning. Our experienced oral care professionals will give you tips for the best care, consisting of cleaning around and underneath the piece. While its lifespan is impacted by a number of factors, with great attention and routine hygiene, it may last beyond ten years.

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If you find yourself holding back due to intense fear, take comfort in knowing that receiving a dental bridge is a fairly simple procedure, and updated dental industry advancements have made it safer than ever. Additionally, if you’re delaying this treatment because a single missing tooth may not be a nuisance to you, consider that this cosmetic flaw can bring about a significantly more damaging concern. The loss of a tooth causes other nearby teeth to travel inward to close the gap and causing spacing troubles throughout the mouth, which can cause TMJ pain, eating difficulties, and an uneven bite and smile.

Enjoy a gorgeous, healthy smile

It's not necessary to experience the discomfort and self-confidence effects that come with losing a tooth; this is particularly true if there's a chance of additional deterioration to your teeth and jaw. Our team would be pleased to help patients find the right solution for them and address any issues involving your teeth and bite. Call our team today at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX, or stop by our office in Kingwood, TX!

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