Your Mouth And How It's Influenced by Your Total Well-Being

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Oral Health And General Health

Each part of your body influences the rest, so issues that originate in one spot can create a far-reaching chain reaction. Our staff at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX sets out to discuss the links between your tooth and gum health and your general health. A multitude of studies are being conducted all over the world that are seeking to determine how your dental health affects overall health. Imperfect oral health (in particular, periodontal disease) can elevate your potential for ending up with cardiovascular disease, make it more difficult to regulate blood glucose, and, in pregnant women, impact the baby's health. All of these are important reasons to ensure you establish a good oral health routine at home and schedule biannual appointments with a dental practitioner in Kingwood, TX.

The mouth is a gateway to many vital organs, including the stomach and heart. It's no surprise that a disease or inflammation in the oral cavity can gradually extend to other parts of your body. These are some of the most threatening conditions that can be influenced by your dental wellness:

  • Diabetes mellitus: Patients with diabetes need to pay extra attention to the condition of their gums to help regulate their insulin levels. If you ever have a problem with regulating your blood sugar, schedule an appointment with a dentist in Kingwood, TX to see if periodontal disease could be part of your difficulty.
  • Alzheimer's disease: Alzheimer's disease and lessening cognitive function often bring on more dental problems, most likely because the person has difficulty sticking to their home oral care routine.
  • Coronary disease: Studies have found evidence that shows that swelling of the gums (almost always from periodontal disease) can raise a person's risk of having a cardiac event or stroke.
  • Pregnancy complications: The fluctuations in hormones during gestation can put women at greater risk for getting periodontal disease. Pregnancy gingivitis causes inflamed gums that bleed easily. Having advanced periodontal disease (periodontitis) while pregnant has been associated with early delivery and underweight newborns.

Several steps can be taken to upgrade or preserve your dental health and, as a result, your general health. These consist of an at-home dental hygiene regimen and seeing your dental practitioner in Kingwood, TX two times a year.

  • Talk to your general physician about your dental health: If your general practitioner is medicating you for blood sugar issues or cardiovascular disease, they need to be informed of any tooth or gum problems.
  • Deal with dental health problems promptly: If your dentist discovers an issue, make sure you arrange a visit as soon as possible to get it addressed.
  • Tell your dentist about your medical history: When speaking to your dentist, be direct regarding your medical history and all of your existing conditions you might have.
  • Think about preventive solutions: To enhance the health of your teeth and gums, ask your dental hygienist about getting preventive treatments to help in preventing dental problems.
  • Schedule annual comprehensive dental exams: At your yearly dental health checkup, your dental practitioner will use digital radiography and other diagnostic technology to check for concerns. Early diagnosis of complications can help you avoid bigger issues in the long run.
  • Brush your teeth two times per day: At minimum twice each day, you should be brushing your teeth for no less than two minutes with a fluoridated toothpaste.
  • Floss your teeth no less than once a day: You ought to floss no less than once per day to clean out the plaque and debris from in between your teeth.
  • Schedule dental cleanings twice a year: To remove the buildup that can build up on your teeth, you should go to your dentist in Kingwood, TX a minimum of two times every year to receive a dental cleaning.

Start to take care of your teeth and gums and boost your general well-being. There is evidence to suggest that inflammation and microorganisms in your oral cavity may be harmful to your general health, both currently and in the long run. Paying attention to your gums and teeth is a significant portion of your general wellness, so set up a consultation with a dental practitioner in Kingwood, TX to have a dental wellness evaluation and thorough cleaning. When you need a fantastic team of skilled dental professionals who provide general care as well as helpful procedures, get in touch with Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX.

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