Pointers to Help Take Care of Your Dental Wellness Between Oral Visits

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While having biannual oral exams and professional cleanings at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX is necessary for enjoying great dental hygiene, there are also numerous habits you can practice defend your smile between your dental cleanings in Kingwood, TX. Maintaining a consistent home-based dental care routine is an important portion of keeping your teeth and gum tissues in good condition. Our talented oral care staff at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX offers our patients helpful pointers regarding ways you can take care of your teeth between your routine exams. Read through to learn more about our helpful oral health recommendations.

Effective brushing techniques

A critical part of at-home dental hygiene is maintaining precise brushing techniques. Our team at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX recommends brushing your teeth after eating, and in the morning and at night. In addition, it's suggested to clean your teeth while making circular motions for about two minutes. Several patients, such as young kids and those who have difficulties brushing correctly by themselves, may even benefit from a chargeable toothbrush. If you or your child have recurring cavities, a type of fluoride toothpaste could be necessary to ward off cavities. When you're worried about how to clean your child’s teeth, our team will provide further input about ideal methods.

Adopt ideal flossing techniques

Along with brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing will effectively eliminate plaque and is essential for your dental routine. Appropriate flossing practices include using floss after eating, as well as in the evening prior to bed time. During your twice-yearly teeth cleaning, our Kingwood, TX dental professionals can demonstrate the ideal flossing habits to guarantee the thorough removal of plaque. In addition to preventing tooth decay, flossing is also helpful in reducing the risk of getting periodontal disease.

Using mouthwash

The concluding step in an effective dental care routine at home is rinsing with mouthwash. We know of several kinds of mouthwash in circulation, and our team may suggest the ideal kind for you based on your gum and teeth health needs. A mouthwash brand that comprises fluoride is a worthwhile solution for you or your child if you get frequent cavities. Specific kinds may even be good for addressing enamel staining, as well as preventing periodontal disease.

Maintain a clean, lovely smile when you practice daily oral care

Maintaining the health of your smile begins with a good dental health routine from a young age. Even though our dental team in Kingwood, TX is committed to giving exceptional oral care in our facility, we are also devoted to giving input for how to care for your teeth on your own. At a biannual assessment at our facility, our team can offer habits to keep your teeth and gum tissues clean and radiant in between your dental appointments. Discover more by calling Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX when you can to set up an oral exam.

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