What Age Can My Child Start Invisalign® Treatment?

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The Invisalign® treatment is an outstanding alternative to braces that works for patients of all ages. It is even available for kids who still have their baby teeth and your child can start the Invisalign treatment between six to ten years of age. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile of Kingwood, TX can check how your child’s teeth are forming and see how well the Invisalign approach can work for their smiles.

What makes Invisalign suitable for kids that young?

Kids from six to ten years can benefit from Invisalign through the Invisalign Phase 1 treatment process. The practice helps align your child’s baby teeth, helping those teeth grow out well.

Phase 1 treatment develops the jaw and arches, allowing the child to have enough room in one’s mouth for one’s teeth and the incoming permanent teeth. Crowding and spacing issues will be resolved when the Invisalign approach works.

How are the aligners shaped?

The shapes of the Invisalign aligners for your child are formed based on the current appearances of your child’s teeth and how well they need shifting. Our team approach at Made Ya Smile of Kingwood, TX will identify how the teeth appear and where the adult teeth will erupt. A three-dimensional imaging procedure can review the smile and create an accurate look at what to expect.

The aligners will appear smaller than traditional ones, as a child’s dental crowns are smaller. The aligners will position the teeth to allow them to straighten well and move the teeth to the correct positions in the mouth.

Prevent future problems

The best part of the Invisalign Phase 1 approach is how it prevents future issues from being a concern. Your child’s teeth will move to the right spots, plus the jaw and arches will have room for the future teeth that will erupt in your child’s mouth.

Since the teeth have more room to grow and form, the risk of the adult teeth becoming poorly aligned or arranged will be minimal. Your child may still require a second Invisalign treatment over the adult teeth, but that treatment process won’t be as extensive as what would be necessary if the Phase 1 process wasn’t utilized.

How long does Phase 1 last?

The timeframe for how long Phase 1 will last will vary by each patient. You can expect Phase 1 to work for about six to eighteen months on average. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile can help you review how well your child will manage the procedure.

The practice is also more effective when your child understands how the process works and uses and maintains the aligners well. We can talk with your child about how the practice works and how your child should be managing these aligners, ensuring the practice is more efficient and doesn’t involve your child refusing anything.

Contact us today for more information about Invisalign treatment for your child

Your child can use Invisalign to boost the appearance of one’s smile with ease. You can contact our dentists at Made Ya Smile of Kingwood, TX to learn more about how the Invisalign procedure can work for your child. We are open until five in the afternoon on weekdays, plus we have extended hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so you’ve got plenty of after-school time to bring in your child for a visit.

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