What Are the Risks of Waiting To Get a Tooth Cap?

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When you have tooth decay, Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX provides beneficial procedures to elevate your oral health. A tooth cap (crown) could be offered when tooth enamel is eroded and you don't have enough material left to maintain its structure. A crown could also be done following a root canal or when an implant is invasively set into the bone. At your first appointment in our Kingwood, TX office, we can assess your oral structures to find out if a crown is needed. Breaks, cracks, or uneven teeth are a few of the problems a dental crown can address. Crowns are designed to replicate how a natural tooth feels and works.

What are crowns?

Crowns are coverings that are placed right on top of an existing tooth or implant and works to safeguard the rest of the tooth from being damaged more. They may be used with a bridge to fill missing teeth in the mouth. Ultimately, a dental crown can be used in a wide range of oral health situations to strengthen a weak tooth, renew function, and improve how the smile looks.

What can I expect while getting a crown restoration?

Receiving a dental crown happens in a number of steps. To begin, the tooth is prepped and cavities or any old fillings are taken out. A small quantity of enamel is also removed to make proper space for the restoration. If you take great care of them, crowns could last up to 20 years. This can be done with regular brushing and flossing, as well as coming in for annual oral examinations and twice-yearly thorough cleanings.

In what situations is a dental crown needed?

At Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX, we help our patients understand if they require a crown at their dental exam. There are a number of clues that you could need a crown, including:

  • Tooth decay
  • Bruxism
  • Lost teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Cracked teeth

Reasons why you shouldn't wait to receive a crown

Sometimes, patients will get a decayed tooth and not know it since they’re not having pain. When left alone, they will grow and erode more of the enamel. Once it gets too big, there will not be enough healthy tooth left, so a crown is used to renew the tooth’s durability and size. If the cavity accesses the deeper layer of the tooth, root canal therapy might be necessary before receiving a crown. But not all individuals at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX require a root canal prior to receiving a crown. If the enamel shows additional signs of pain to high- or low-temperature food or beverages, or from chewing, root canal therapy might be needed.

Find out how a crown could improve your dental health

At Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX, our dentists utilize dental crowns to take care of various dental health concerns. After a thorough oral assessment, we will talk about what procedure will improve your oral health the most. To set up an exam, reach out to our Kingwood, TX center today.

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