The Ways Fluoride Can Strengthen Your Tooth Surfaces

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Present in several water sources, fluoride is a mineral that has a range of dental benefits. It improves the tooth’s framework and helps the teeth be more resistant to decay. Fluoride also helps individuals with developing or weakened teeth and could address tiny areas of decay that have just established. Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX performs effective fluoride treatments for our Kingwood, TX patients to enhance their dental health, regardless of their age.

Commonly, fluoride is beneficial for small children in between 6 months to 16 years because this is when several of the primary teeth develop. Still, older individuals might reap the benefits of fluoride services too. At our practice in Kingwood, TX, we understand that these treatments are as vital in improving developing teeth as they are in fighting tooth decay.


Several features of fluoride have a good effect on the teeth, such as:

  • Slowing down the absence of minerals in the enamel
  • Decreasing the development of tooth decay
  • Stopping harmful tartar
  • Rebuilding compromised enamel

Fluoride is commonly present in water and in small quantities in particular foods. Though your enamel is often introduced to fluoride in the food and water you eat and drink, it's hard to get an adequate amount of fluoride from meals alone.


Putting fluoride on the enamel might be done using two methods: external or systemic. Topical application helps patients of different ages; meanwhile, the other is ideal for children as their adult teeth are growing underneath the gum tissues. At Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX, dental fluoride treatments are done twice a year after a thorough polishing and exam. The cleaned teeth are dried, and fluoride is distributed and left on the teeth for a maximum of four minutes per application. To guarantee that the varnish fully sinks into the enamel, you could be urged not to consume food or drinks or smoke cigarettes for at least half an hour following your dental fluorosis treatment.

This mineral is also found in water. If it's consumed, it journeys through the body and the teeth develop. Kids who consume water containing practically no fluoride may require a prescription to make sure their teeth form correctly.


All individuals need a varying quantity of fluoride based on their risk of developing cavities. When you maintain a recommended at-home dental health regimen and stay away from sweet and acidic food and beverages, your likelihood for developing cavities may be diminished. For toddlers, in the event that a large quantity of fluoride is absorbed, teeth could be furrowed or stained. This problem is known as enamel fluorosis and might result in small white lines or regions on the tooth enamel. Even if it’s not ultimately dangerous, it can lead to the essentiality of aesthetic dentistry procedures.

Men and women who ingest too much fluoride can be more susceptible to discomfort or bone injuries, often known as skeletal fluorosis. This may lead to discomfort and harm to certain bones and junctures. If you’re curious about your fluoride intake, call our highly trained staff in Kingwood, TX.


Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX offers oral fluoride treatments for individuals. Our dental care experts can perform a thorough oral examination to figure out if fluoride treatments are good for you. To summarize, the benefits of fluoride are wonderful for several patients since it enhances your enamel while lessening your odds of getting tooth decay. To find out more regarding dental fluorosis services, or to make a consultation at our Kingwood, TX office, call our team today.

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