The Ways Dental Sealants Can Help Your Kid's Dental Health

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Oftentimes, cavities will be found on your children's back molars. Teeth aren't usually level and often contain depressions and crevices, which gather bits of food and bacteria. The normal toothbrush may not reach these areas efficiently, and due to this, they are very subject to decay. At Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX, our staff can help ward off tooth decay with the use of dental sealants on your kid's back molars. During your visit with our team in Kingwood, TX, we will assess your child's enamel and gum tissues to determine if he or she is a good contender for this effective oral treatment option.

Made out of high-quality resin, dental sealants work to safeguard the surfaces of the molars. A covered tooth is much less likely to develop decay or require more extensive dental treatments in the future. Sealants at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX are set on the top surfaces of the backmost teeth to discourage bacteria, plaque, and buildup from reaching the tooth. People who receive dental sealants typically won't even notice them. With the right arrangement, our team can help ensure that the tooth enamel is much cleaner and defended.

Almost any child or teenager is qualified for dental sealants. In addition, some adults may profit from dental sealants. As soon as the teeth erupt, kids can get sealants on their adult premolars and molars. For kids with concave crevices on the primary teeth, sealants might also be beneficial. Since these molars have a vital role when it comes to the correct spacing of the adult teeth, keeping them healthy will make certain they won't come out earlier than expected.

Receiving a dental sealant at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX is a fast, safe, and easy process that doesn’t need anesthesia. Ahead of sealant application, the teeth will be cleaned and polished. This verifies that no harmful microbes are being set into your child’s tooth. If decay is detected, it is rid of. Once your child’s tooth is all set, we will place the sealant and utilize a curing light to set it, similar to tooth bonding.

Regular oral hygiene is crucial for all teeth that are given dental sealants. Kids should clean their teeth every day and attend routine dental examinations and standard cleanings. While sealants are ideal for kids and teenagers, some adults might have sealants on their teeth if they are susceptible to tooth damage. Sealants can protect teeth from potential tooth decay for up to 10 years. Still, your dental sealants need to be reviewed for splits or wear and tear at standard dental checkups. We may restore sealants as needed.

Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX features a highly trained team of certified dental professionals who offer superior dental care for your whole family. We work to prevent dental issues from forming in the future. Dental sealants are only one of the many services our office might provide for your kids to prevent cavities. Set up a consultation and learn about dental sealants by calling our Kingwood, TX facility when you can.

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