What Other Complications Can a Missing Dental Crown Lead to?

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If your dental crown falls out, you will need to know the best approaches to protect your restoration. Crowns can come off due to decay, trauma, and even tooth grinding. While a crown coming out can be scary, our staff at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX wants to help. We can examine your tooth to decide the right course of action to restore your smile at our Kingwood, TX dental office. We may also examine the tooth to figure out why it came out, allowing us the best possible course of action to prevent dangerous bacteria from accessing the inner cavity of the tooth. Ultimately, you need to take care of the tooth underneath immediately before it can end up being more challenging to rectify.

How to act when your dental crown falls off

After a crown has come off, follow these instructions to best safeguard your tooth:

  1. Remove the crown from your mouth: Firstly, try not to misplace it. Once you take it out, put it in a sanitary cloth to carry to our practice.
  2. Reach out to an emergency dental practitioner: Get in touch with Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX to schedule an emergency dentist appointment for dental crown repair.
  3. Utilize nonpermanent filling material: A temporary filling works to guard your tooth until your appointment and make sure no food gets inside the damaged tooth. Make sure to clean the tooth in-depth before covering it using the filling material.
  4. Keep it clean: Proper dental care is always critical, but it's especially critical when you have a crown that has come off. Clean your mouth with heated up salt water after eating to get rid of food particles.
  5. Be careful when it comes to eating: If you’re suffering from tooth sensitivity or pain, make an effort to chew your food on the opposite side of the mouth.

If you follow these measures, you can feel reassured that you’re not harming it.

When do you need a dental crown?

Dental crowns are caps that are positioned on top of a damaged tooth. They are provided to reinvigorate a tooth with a huge cavity or to defend the leftover portion of the enamel from further damage and help keep your alignment intact. Prior to getting the tooth ready for a crown, patients will receive local anesthesia to stay at ease during the treatment. As soon as the patient is numb, our team will prepare the tooth by eliminating all decay. The affected tooth may be reshaped at a later point to match the height of neighboring teeth.

How long can dental crowns last?

It's imperative to know that dental crowns aren’t permanent. Try not to clench or grind your teeth because the pressure may harm your restoration. A medical-grade night guard might help protect your crown and your natural teeth. Furthermore, don’t bite down on hard objects or foods like pens, ice, or certain types of candy. When you commit to great oral hygiene, comprehensive dental exams, and biannual cleanings, dental crowns can stay in good condition for a long time.

Learn more about dental crown care in Kingwood, TX

At Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX, our dentists will look at your tooth to decide the ideal dental crown repair method. Depending on how damaged your crown is, we could address it using resin. But in some instances, your crown may need to be remolded. In more drastic situations, a second crown may be necessary. Get in touch with our Kingwood, TX facility today to arrange an emergency dentist appointment to have your crown repaired.

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