Why You Could Be Grinding Your Jaw and Methods You Can Treat It

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Do you periodically stop what you're doing to suddenly find your jaw is grinding down? Do you wake up first thing with a headache, tooth discomfort, or a sore jaw? You may be dealing with bruxism – a problem that involves clenching, gnashing, or biting your teeth during the daytime or when sleeping during the night. It is considered one of the bad dental behaviors for your smile that affects 1 in 10 people. Patients could have signs of teeth grinding for different causes, but if neglected, it can harm your oral wellness. Read on to learn more regarding bruxism symptoms and how our qualified dental experts at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX in Kingwood, TX can handle this condition.

What should I know about bruxism?

Poor dental habits often consist of cigarette smoking, indulging in a lot of sugary foods, being dehydrated, and clenching your teeth. The reason for teeth grinding is specific to each person, but the oral care experts at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX will screen for symptoms of teeth grinding during your dental exam. Regardless of whether it is genetic, mental, or physical, it is a problem that may influence your oral wellness. Nighttime bruxism may be associated with frequent heartburn, anxiety or stress, or certain sleep problems, such as sleep apnea. Daytime teeth clenching, on the other hand, is normally caused by fear and stress.

What are typical bruxism symptoms?

At Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX, our practitioners inspect for symptoms of bruxism throughout regular dental examinations. The act of clenching or grinding is a concern that affects men, women, and even young people. Particular factors, such as stress, worry, some sleep issues, or misaligned teeth can prompt people to grind their teeth. One of the most visible signs of teeth grinding is the deterioration of tooth covering; however, additional indicators involve:

  • Disrupted sleep
  • Gumline recession
  • Broken restorations or teeth
  • Head pain
  • Tooth pain
  • Tension in the neck, shoulder, or jawline
  • Ear pain
  • Stiffness or discomfort in your temporomandibular joint (jaw joint)

What are bruxism therapy options?

Nighttime teeth clenching occurs when the airway narrows, prompting the response to make additional saliva and mimic a grinding movement to permit the throat to reopen. Clenching or shifting the top and lower jawline backward and forward is the body's innate means to guard yourself from the impact of sleep problems, such as frequent snoring or sleep apnea. To secure your mouth and total health from the effects of jaw clenching throughout the night, the dental experts at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX advise a custom night guard appliance. Composed of premium elements, they help relieve discomfort and dental problems caused by teeth clenching. Additional treatment options include:

  • Try relaxation approaches, like meditation or visiting a therapist
  • Address common sleep-related disturbances, like breathing issues, to help fix sleep-related teeth clenching
  • Cosmetic injections to relax the jaw muscles
  • Incorporate proper jaw and teeth stretches throughout the day
  • Address related medical issues, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease

Have you been in need of an oral care provider in Kingwood, TX?

Clenching or grinding your teeth could cause impairment and discomfort, impacting your oral health in a number of forms. A customized night dental guard may be an effective method to protect your teeth, sleep better, and minimize teeth grinding concerns. When you require a custom oral guard appliance or wish to learn more details regarding teeth clenching, contact our expert team at Made Ya Smile Kingwood, TX in Kingwood, TX.

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