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Do you like to read reviews and testimonials about dentists before you make an appointment with someone new? Here at Made Ya Smile Dental of Houston, with an office serving the Kingwood, TX, community, we believe that previous and current patient reviews can provide you with valuable information about our services and chairside manner. Our skilled general and cosmetic dentist and the entire Made Ya Smile Dental team would like you to read through this section of our website. Through the experience of our patients, you will read about the caring, supportive atmosphere we create. On a daily basis, we work with men, women, and children in Kingwood, TX, to maintain, rehabilitate, and/or beautify their teeth and gums. From routine cleanings to full-mouth reconstructions, you are in wonderful, capable hands at Made Ya Smile Dental Kingwood. Learn more about our general, cosmetic, restorative dental services, and more from patients in all life stages through these testimonials.

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Review from R.C.  |  Source: Facebook  |  Jan 24, 2018

I found my way to “Made You Smile” dental office shortly after moving to Kingwood in June of 2015 .. had a double abscess.. and no local dentist set up .. called and even with a last minute call in .. they worked me in ,the Staff was very accommodating! and My now Dentist Dr Douglas Rossi DDS Will hopefully be my forever Dentist !! My dental issues started from way back.. I was born into a era when dental insurance was raw.. braces where only available to those with extra money.. since insurance did not cover these expenses.. needless to say my dental issues followed me into my adult life .. and I tried and sought out options to correct the over crowding of teeth in my mouth.. seeking a desired Smile was a internal hope .. and most professional establishments that I sought treatment with were either at a loss as to how to begin, or had very extreme procedures planed to correct all the dental issues that I had been born with .. and reluctantly had learned to live with .. Until this faith filled dental visit that was meant to be.. as Dr Rossi worked on my Double abscess, I was so amazed at His skill ... I have had a lot of dental work done over the years .. the over crowded teeth seemed to leave a never ending path of cavities.. & root canals .. and I’ve had some very painful experiences.. and now a double abscess , two root canals And no pain !! Wow .. As He was working on my mouth , He was telling me that He could fix the teeth ( the crowded crooked ones) .. at first in my mind I’m thinking to my self “Yea yea right!! What extreme procedure did He want to use??? Lol .. with two root canals it took quite a bit of time to get this done .. during this current procedure being done .. He would answer questions... lol .. yea it has always amazed me how dentists can understand what a person is saying even when their mouth is full of every kind of dental equipment under the sun !! Lol but they can!! He spoke of Luminaries and How He could fix my smile!! Well I was definitely listening!! And very interested !! And now Had a reasonable goal to work with !! I left that day with a smile on my face!! No Pain ,and very little after the numbness went away!! And a plan in the works !! Along with all the dental issues.. I also have TMJ Syndrome, popping and clicking of my jaw, I attributed this mostly because my over bite , I only bring this up because I’ve been told that a fix of this would result in having to break my jaw from other professionals!! Yea .. not happening ! Long story .. but the end result I am in the process of getting the Smile that I have always hoped and dreamed of!! ... even though my Husband has always loved my smile .. personally.. when I look in the mirror it’s always the “ONE” thing I wish I could change.. and NOW.. I am finally able to see this is possible!! .. the upper teeth have been completed... and besides a Great Smile.. the popping in my jaw has been less noticeable.. my bite is more even then it has EVER been... it’s been pennies on the dollar in comparison for all the extreme procedures quoted to me over the years to achieve this million dollar SMILE !! THANK YOU DR ROSSI for crossing paths with me on this faith filled day!! You have made a world of difference in my life!! And A Big Thank You going Out to the Whole Staff at “Made You Smile” ... You have taken Great care of My Husband too!! His Fear Of Dentists has been turned around!! One Outstanding Team !! Mere Words can not convey my Gratitude!! More

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