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What Are Lumineers?

Your natural teeth may need a slight update after aging, stains, and small flaws have impacted the aesthetic aspects of your teeth unfavorably. We offer our patients with cosmetic concerns with their teeth our no-prep Lumineers at Made Ya Smile Dental in Kingwood, TX. Let us transform the outside appearance of your smile with ultra-thin restorations (similar to a veneer) placed over cosmetic flaws. At 0.2mm, Lumineers fit over the surface of each tooth without your dentist removing any enamel. Lumineers are very comfortable to wear and have the same translucent appearance of your natural teeth. We would love to have you in for a cosmetic consultation about Lumineers in our Kingwood office soon.

What are the Benefits of Lumineers?

Lumineers are a noninvasive approach to enhancing the cosmetic appearance of your teeth. As a noninvasive option, Lumineer teeth veneers are sought after by many patients over dental crowns or traditional veneers, when applicable. After our team determines a patient is an ideal candidate for Lumineers, they can expect to experience a few common benefits, which include:

  • Quick resolution for yellow teeth or discolorations
  • Improvement in teeth misalignments without orthodontics
  • Covering minor gaps, enhancing the smile
  • Long-lasting results (up to 20 years when properly cared for)
  • No recovery time, meaning immediate results without the downtime

Who Is a Candidate for Lumineers?

Candidates for Lumineers have surface flaws that show during a smile. This dental service is for patients who have healthy teeth and gum, an appropriate bite, and teeth that are in alignment. There is a limit to what Lumineers can fix yet there are so many ways it can aesthetically improve your smile. We can discuss questions and concerns you may have about Lumineers privately in consultation. Lumineers can address the surface flaws, like poorly shaped teeth, jagged edges, chips, gaps, and heavy stains on the teeth.

How Do Lumineers Work?

At the first visit, we will create molds of your teeth and determine what shade of white to make to match your enamel. There will be no need for numbing shots, any type of sedation, nor the placement of temporary caps for the front of your teeth. We will just send your molds to a laboratory for the creation of your Lumineers. When you come back into our Kingwood office for your Lumineers to be placed, the appointment will be quick and to the point. Again, there will be no drilling, grinding, nor any invasive measures to be taken to get the Lumineers on your teeth. All you really have to do is smile!

How Can I Care for My Lumineers?

Besides attending your dental cleanings and checkups, there are no follow-up appointments with our Lumineers services. What you see is what you get with our Lumineers. Once the Lumineers are bonded to the surface of your teeth, your appointment is basically over. Like other dental restorations, Lumineers can be vulnerable to hard candies, ice, and other difficult-to-bite objects. You will care for your Lumineers as you normally do for your natural teeth. Doing so will ensure that the materials last for a very long time.

Are Lumineers Covered by Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance will likely not cover any cost of Lumineers as a cosmetic treatment. The good news is that Made Ya Smile Dental in Kingwood has flexible payment plans and/or 24-month interest-free financing. We have many payment options available to our patients because we want you to have the treatment you want while still within your budget.

Lumineers FAQ

What is the main difference when comparing Lumineers vs. veneers?
Lumineers improve small imperfections. They can fix color, chips, or cracks and don't require your dentist to grind down your teeth like veneers. A Lumineer is placed over the top of the tooth or teeth, allowing the enamel of your teeth to remain.

Will my natural teeth under my Lumineers decay?
Maintaining proper oral hygiene is the key to making sure you avoid tooth decay. Blushing and flossing twice daily, in addition to scheduling annual dental appointments, will help keep your oral health in great shape.

Is it possible to whiten Lumineers?
When you get Lumineers for teeth, you are unable to change the color. However, our team will work to create an ideal shade that matches your goals. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment to learn more about Lumineers.

Lumineers for Your Smile

It is important to feel good about your appearance, and your teeth are no exception. Your smile would benefit greatly from an upgrade with Lumineers. With customize treatment specifically for your teeth, your lackluster smile will be a thing of the past after the no-prep placement of Lumineers. Explore your options in cosmetic dentistry at Made Ya Smile Dental in Kingwood, TX.

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