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At Made Ya Smile we offer an array of general and preventive dental services for the overall health and functionality of your smile. Through comprehensive dental exams and oral cancer screenings, our skilled dental team is able to catch any issues early on before they develop further. Our general dentists in Kingswood, TX, look forward to providing innovative dental care for your whole family!

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Book an exam at Made Ya Smile Dental to help protect your teeth and gums from tooth decay, bone loss, and gum deterioration with earlier detection.

Digital x-rays at Made Ya Smile Dental are used to check for tooth decay, bone loss, and other conditions that are tough to detect with the naked eye.

See what your dentist in Kingwood, TX, sees in real-time with 3D oral imaging on a monitor for the most informative view of your teeth and gums.

Strengthen your oral health and hygiene with biannual dental cleanings at Made Ya Smile Dental along with your daily brushing and flossing routines.

Our dental sealants cover the hard-to-clean molars to keep bacteria out of even the smallest opening in a tooth to prevent cavities and tooth decay.

While younger patients benefit greatly from fluoride treatments throughout their childhood, adults can strengthen their teeth with the varnish, too.

Would you like relief from bruxism while you sleep? We create customized night guards for our qualifying patients who grind their teeth at night.

Our dentists in Kingwood, TX offer customized mouth guards to protect teeth from impact sports and teeth grinding at night or in stressful situations.

You will want an experienced, highly trained Made Ya Smile Dental dentist in your corner for a dental emergency when it requires urgent treatment.

Whether you need to have a tooth removed because of decay, spacing, injury, or impaction, our dentists perform traditional and surgical extractions.

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