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About Digital X-rays

By offering you and your family lower radiation x-rays at Made Ya Smile Dental, we can deliver imaging in a safer environment than traditional films of the past when x-rays are necessary. You may need digital x-rays as a part of your annual dental exam, but we can also perform them in emergency situations or during a scheduled follow-up. We use our 3d radiography dental x-rays for diagnostic purposes, but we can also use them to chart any dental changes or regressions in clearer detail.

You can count on Made Ya Smile Dental in Kingwood, TX to offer you digital x-rays if you come in for a dental emergency, a toothache, an abscess, an impaction, or a broken restoration. In an ideal situation, you would only need x-rays at your annual dental exam. Either way, our dental teams at Made Ya Smile Dental are ready to help you keep your smile healthy. Schedule your appointment today.

Who Is a Good Candidate For Digital X-rays?

Once a year, every patient should have a set of digital teeth x-rays performed — not just when something hurts. If you are a female patient, we will ask you if you are or could be pregnant at the time of your teeth scan. We want to take the extra precautions necessary if you are with child. Otherwise, our digital x-rays are made with low-radiation imaging for all ages. We feel that less is more when it comes to x-ray exposure and will only take them if necessary for preventive or restorative purposes.

How Do We Perform Digital X-rays?

The digital x-ray process is very fast and will not take up much time during your appointment. Before a cleaning or dental exam, we will take you to the area where we perform digital x-rays safely. With a sensor next to your teeth at various angles and sides, images are made and saved to your patient record. Our Made Ya Smile Dental team will use the x-rays to show you concerning areas and make treatment recommendations based on the findings.

What Happens After Digital X-rays?

X-rays do not need to have follow-up appointments. However, if you have a dental condition that your dentist is observing, then you may need to come back for x-rays as requested. Full panoramic x-rays will only be needed every 3 – 5 years, but bitewing x-rays are taken annually at your check-up appointment.

Does My Dental Insurance Cover a Digital X-rays?

Our billing department will want your insurance information to see what x-rays are covered under your current policy before the imaging takes place. If there are out-of-pocket expenses for x-rays we would like to perform, we will notify you before proceeding. We have multiple ways to make a payment at Made Ya Smile Dental, which can include payment plans through CareCredit® financing.

Digital X-Ray FAQ

Are digital dental x-ray safe?
Digital x-rays are a safe dental option because our digital dental radiography machines emit a low amount of radiation — even lower than other types of medical x-rays. That said, if you're still worried about radiation exposure or have other questions about the x-ray technology we use, feel free to let us know — we're happy to help!

Are digital dental x-rays better than traditional x-rays?
One thing that makes digital x-rays such a great too is the results are available in real-time as we complete the assessment. This allows us to diagnose any problems at the same time as your appointment so we can treat them as soon as possible. Additionally, the resolution of our digital x-rays is much higher than standard x-rays — so we can see problem areas much clearer.

Why is a handheld digital x-ray important?
Digital x-rays are important because they allow us to ensure your oral health is maintained. They provide a full picture of your oral health, so we provide the best treatment we're capable of providing. We suggest getting dental x-rays in Kingwood, TX at least once a year for this reason.

Protect Your Oral Health

Having a digital record of your teeth at Made Ya Smile Dental can serve as a diagnostic tool now and in the future because of the ease to retrieve the images. Your dentist can track how your teeth move, change, and decay through your x-rays. This is a valuable asset to have in the future when you need to decide on how to treat your dental issues. Find out more at your next appointment at our Kingwood, TX location.

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