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About Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatments at Made Ya Smile Dental in Kingwood, TX pack a powerful punch in fighting cavities. You naturally ingest or are exposed to fluoride through what you eat and drink. Many people of all ages have to supplement fluoride with treatments at the dentist's office to get the maximum therapeutic benefit. Our dental team will assess your need for fluoride, and then we can apply it for you as necessary. 

Did you know that your dentist can also prescribe you fluoride treatments, such as fluoride paste and fluoride varnish, to apply at home? If you are really prone to cavities, ask about these fluoride treatments for your oral hygiene routine. Our Made Ya Smile Dental team may also have recommendations for you if you have limited access to fluoride. Make an appointment today.

Am I a Good Candidate For Fluoride Treatments?

Our younger patients (children and teens) are at the optimal age to receive fluoride treatments for cavity protection. Growing up without the appropriate exposure to fluoride and water without fluoride can make teeth more vulnerable in the future. Many adults who did not have access to dental care and/or learn proper brushing and flossing techniques find that they are more likely to have a cavity or advanced tooth decay at each dental visit. Our adult patients may also have gum recession plus tooth decay, which makes them great fluoride candidates, too. 

What Happens During a Fluoride Treatment?

Generally, you can expect to be offered fluoride at the end of your dental cleaning. Children with health insurance are usually covered for fluoride treatments, but adults usually aren't. Because fluoride is worth the investment, we commonly offer it to our adult patients in addition to the cleaning. Using a paint-on fluoride varnish, a gel, or foam fluoride in mouth trays, the treatment will go onto your teeth very easily. If you have the varnish, the fluoride will have to sit on your teeth for about 30 minutes (no eating or drinking). If you prefer gel or foam, your teeth will need to sit in trays for a few minutes as the fluoride penetrates your teeth.

What Happens After a Fluoride Treatment?

By not eating and drinking for 30 minutes after your fluoride application, you are allowing the varnish to sink into your teeth's enamel. Your child should be closely supervised for the first 30 minutes because swallowing the fluoride may upset their stomach. Continue with your regular oral hygiene routine later in the evening. Daily brushing and flossing are still very important to the strength of the enamel as well. Our dentists can also have you supplement fluoride with at-home treatments and prescription-strength fluoride toothpaste.

Will Insurance Cover My Fluoride Treatment?

If you are unsure if your insurance coverage includes fluoride treatments for you and your family, call your provider to determine who and what is allotted for fluoride. Insured children may be covered for a professional fluoride treatment once a year as a preventive care measure. Older teens and adults are least likely to have an allotment for fluoride applications. Our team at Made Ya Smile Dental in Kingwood recommends having a fluoride treatment regardless of what insurance will pay because it is a beneficial investment for your teeth. We also have financing options for patients who qualify.

Fluoride Treatment FAQ

How does fluoride varnish benefit teeth?
A fluoride varnish application will help to strengthen tooth enamel. This is because the fluoride varnish has mineral fluoride in it, which helps strengthen the teeth. When the tooth is protected, you can stave off cavities.

What difference does fluoride make when guarding against tooth decay?
Fluoride paste has been shown to diminish tooth decay. Toothpaste containing fluoride works as a protective blockade to protect tooth enamel. This additional support for your teeth helps fight cavities and other dental problems.

Can I have too much or too little fluoride?
We recommend that fluoride varnish is applied when necessary. Small children are recommended to only use fluoride in very tiny amounts as it can lead to discoloration of enamel and nausea. Typically, in most patients, fluoride varnish is applied up to every three months. If you have a water supply without fluoride, don’t worry. Made Ya Smile Kingwood will help provide you with the fluoride needed to protect your teeth and fight tooth decay.

Schedule You or Your Child's Fluoride Treatment

Made Ya Smile Dental fluoride treatments are simple, but they are so helpful in preventing cavities to protect the structure of your teeth. Available to children, teens, and adults, ask about fluoride at your next cleaning if you are more apt to develop cavities. Call our Kingwood, TX office to book your next visit.

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