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What Are Dentures?

Do you need a provider who can create natural-looking full or partial dentures? At Made Ya Smile Dental in Kingwood, TX, we are dedicated to helping you find the right restorative solutions to meet your needs. Our dentists have been assisting patients for many years in restoring teeth with full (complete) and partial dentures that are removable or fixed. Dentures created by our dentists at Made Ya Smile Dental will replace an arch or a section of teeth to make sure that your healthy teeth and jaw are supported correctly in place. Dentures will improve your appearance significantly if you have had missing teeth for a long time because the added structure will fill out your face appropriately. You will also have a gorgeous smile to reveal instead of hiding your missing visible teeth. Call our Kingwood, TX practice today for a denture consultation.

What Are the Benefits Of Dentures?

If you have experienced tooth loss, dentures may be an ideal tooth replacement option. There are many benefits to getting dentures, aside from restoring your smile. Some benefits include:

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • Improved ability to speak
  • Easier to eat
  • Less risk of jawbone degradation and developing gum disease from missing teeth
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Preserve your facial shape

Should I Get Dentures?

Replacing multiple teeth can be a huge decision to make in regard to your well-being, lifestyle, and investment in time and money. Candidates for dentures who still have healthy teeth should not have those removed unless it is necessary. We can work around your viable teeth by making partial dentures, which can be fixed or removable. The easiest way to know if you are a candidate for dentures is to have a private consultation at Made Ya Smile Dental in Kingwood to discuss all of your options in restoratives. We would be happy to talk you through the process.

How Do Dentures Work?

Your initial digital x-rays will be used for planning purposes and as a guide for what teeth will stay or be extracted. Then we will make a series of impressions of your upper and lower arches to make your new dentures. When the appropriate teeth are removed, we will create an immediate denture for you to wear while your extraction sites and tissues heal. Your impressions for your dentures will be sent out to a high-quality lab to be made from materials that are easy to wear and maintain.

If you need partial dentures, our lab will customize a temporary that matches the shade of your remaining natural teeth. When your dentures arrive at our office, we will have you return for a fitting. We will also give you instructions on how to clean, store, and maintain your dentures at that time.

What Can I Expect After Getting Dentures?

Our Kingwood, TX team at Made Ya Smile Dental is here to make any adjustments to your custom dentures to help enhance their comfort or fit. For follow-up appointments, we ask that you keep your regularly scheduled dental exams and cleaning so that we can check out the wear on your dentures, the health of your remaining teeth and gums, and to detect bone loss. We will be able to tell if you need an adjustment, a replacement, or a denture repair at these visits.

You can treat your dentures just like teeth with a few exceptions. Maintain an oral hygiene routine by brushing your dentures after every meal with a brush and mild toothpaste. You will need to take your dentures out at night to soak them in water while you sleep. If you take them out and do not put them in water, they will dry out and distort the shape made to fit you just right. With great care, however, your partial and full denture can serve your smile for many years.

Are Dentures Covered by Insurance?

We have dentures (full and partial) that we can be made from different materials and customized for your budgetary needs. If your insurance only covers part or a percentage of the cost of your dentures and the procedures it requires, we can discuss your payment alternatives. You can also apply for our dental financing through CareCredit®.

Dentures FAQ

Does having dentures hurt?
Dentures can be a bit uncomfortable in the first week or two as you get used to them depending on the type of dentures you get. However, after that, you should feel used to them. If they continue to cause discomfort, we may need to make some adjustments, so you should give our office a call.

Are there any foods I can't eat with dentures?
In the beginning, you may notice some difficultly eating harder or sticky foods. This is normal and should become easier as you get used to them. The only food we suggest you avoid is gum. Gum can get stuck on them and discolor your natural-looking dentures and could even break the denture seal, creating a loose tooth.

Can I wear dentures at night?
We suggest you do not wear your dentures overnight. Dentures put a lot of pressure on your bone and gum, and it's good to give these areas time to relax. This is the perfect time to clean your dentures and store them in water.

Removable Tooth Replacement Options

Your dentures will look and feel as amazing as you do when you restore your teeth. At Made Ya Smile Dental, we want you to have full function and confidence in your smile through our partial or full dentures. Our team has experience in creating dentures to meet the individual needs, budgets, and goals of all our patients at Made Ya Smile Dental in Kingwood, TX. Book your consultation now to learn more.

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